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Address: 242-01 Jamaica Avenue, Bellerose, NY 11426 Phone: (718) 347–1057 or (516) 922–5850

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Give Your New Puppy or Kittena Great Start at Bellerose Animal Hospital

Cute pomeranian dog sleeping on pillow on bed

Now that you have a wonderful new pet, it’s time to give him or her the gift of a healthy start in life! At Bellerose Animal Hospital, we are eager to work closely with each family to ensure a positive experience for both the new pet and the family that will take care of him or her for many long and happy years to come.

We like to see new puppies or kittens at about 8 weeks of age, or whenever they first join your family. At that time, we will provide your new pet with his or her first full physical exam and work with you to develop a vaccination schedule to ensure a healthy start in life.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand fully the rewards and challenges to owning a pet, and we are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have about your new pet, including puppy training.

If you are trying to begin to train your new puppy, for the best results we recommend:

  • Repetition
  • Consistency
  • Positive reinforcement

We encourage all new pet owners to have their pet microchipped at Bellerose Animal Hospital. Microchipping is an important way to keep your pet safe and home with you, avoiding the heartbreak of separation, loss, and danger. The insertion of a microchip is a simple, painless procedure that brings peace of mind to devoted dog and cat owners.

Give your pet a healthy start and call us today. We look forward to meeting you both!